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Know thy enemy

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so what concern me most , and keep me comparing myself to other artist, is when 

I couldn't transfer my imagination to pictures exactly what i want,  and do whatever they want to their own creation, earn money and succeed from it.


if i have to envy, is the one who started and established their own IP at early age




not a 3d or game artist, but she still my inspiration.  one day I will established own IP one day ^_^




and ofcourse

none other than Daniel Lieske's

wormworld Saga, 

great painting great adventure, I can see this will become feature film someday

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Tim Moreels, student from Spain, game character artist, so good!


More details here -




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Students previous submissions to "The Rookies" 


Many more students images here - 


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Gnomon seem to be killing it with their character work (the first few especially)


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