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Bridget's 3rd year thread!

- - - - - Bridget IceBridget 3rdyear pixel art Flash Cartoony

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Hi Everyone! welcome to my threadFKRlpYG.gif


Expect lots of pixelart, Flash animations, cartoony illustrations and more!




My Pixel Art!








More to come for now!

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Some summer work I did for fun mostly!


I did some mini animated gifs of some warhammer stuff,

I do not own warhammer, games workshop plz don't sue me.

This was also to get me back into flash



Im a big fan of, If The Emperor Had A Text To Speech device on youtube, a seriously funny warhammer inspired series. I just had to animate some cute moments in the golden throne room with the custodian Little Kitten, Magnus and The Emperor turquoise_heart_by_diegovainilla-dbbz6uv (- Series created by Alfabusa)



A DnD character that I made for my friend, a half ork with a panther as a pet. ( first time drawing a panther  :dry:  )




Had some fun with Different themes fro heroes of the storm characters when garosh was released. Thought it would be a funny idea to turn him into a baker.

Heroes of the storm and its characters belong to Blizzard, doing this purely for fun :)




And I even applied it to the 3D model. again, for fun.






I also helped out an artist from my old secondary school with her designs for an Ariel/Alice in wonderland combination. She asked for some feedback and I gave my take on the design and little improvements here an there.




More to come soon!

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More Pixel things I did at the end of second year to prepare for third year. Essentially third year idea generation. A kings quest inspired world of fantasy and magic with a little girl who doesn't believe in magic and is a stubborn brat.


This was one long expansive image as most maps are for these kinds of games...




The muddy banks where the player might slip and fall into the water, They would have needed a net to scoop up some mud to use for a potion or something

Theres also a little cave in the water, not too sure what that would have had in it. probably the squiddy family.




King Squiddles! In all his murky watery glory, a very pleasant ruler of the squid family very outgoing personality, proud and king like. occasionally floats in the water staring of into space, looking cute. Based on my own squid toy, Timmy, who looked too good for the job. (maybe one day Ill post a picture of him)



Little squiddles! One of the 18 squiddling children scattered across the lands. this one in particular cant swim and the player would have to help him to swim, as the other animals are bullying him about it...


This was a pool that the player would use to cool the fire at the bottom of a pit creating steam for a mission. Again these were all loose Ideas so not fully sorted out


this is the full peice If it will display right...



Also Got some character sketches That I did for other groups freelancing




And a cool map design too! Had fun with this, although I feel really bad I cant achieve good realism and my style is limited to looking " cute" but Since this game fits the style then great!




also did some character shots, again early concepts of scenarios not in the actual game.


more to come soon! lolooooo




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These were a few character designs I did A while ago, Inspired by my Knitted octopus. An idea for a children's show, Similar to the RubberDubbers, two pirate like companions who go on adventures in the bathtub, batting and learning lessons about friendship. 





These below are sketches Of A role playing game that is ages old called paranoia. There isn't a lot Of reference I could find at the time so I made up and experimented with designs for some of the guards, and how they would interact, I really enjoyed Role playing inside Alpha complex, this post apocalyptic 80's space kinda world, with a super computer in charge who I loved to tease. Fun times.



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