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Lisa Mae's VFX Thread 2017/18

- - - - - vfx groom lookdev nuke texturing houdini maya mattepainting modelling mari

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    Lisa Mae Evans

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Thanks for letting me know Mark, I'll make sure I'm learning using the relevant version!


An update on where I'm 'calling it' for the feather! I can't seem to get the fluffy part of the feather to match the reference- I think it might be a Houdini job. That being said, I still learnt a huge amount through the process (particularly how long XGen takes to I'll be using this render as the shot following my updated Showreel Titlecard- something a little different. Crit is very welcome, I'll carry it over onto other WIP projects :)


Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer!


Password: feather

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    Groom TD

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What are you render settings because i don't think xgen would be the issue as it's incredibly fast with Arnold.
Also the base of the feather is too noisy, and you need to ease it into the main groom itself, feels detached at the moment.
The soft feel make come from a custom width on that description.
Also I can't see if you have (on my phone) but there's also another groom on the noisy strands at the base of the feather pointin directly outwards

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    Lisa Mae Evans

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Thanks for the feedback Josh, I put the project away for the moment but I'll get round to tweaking it soon. Found the knack with rendering XGen towards the end of the summer, definitely lack of optimization on my part!


I've been working on some personal projects (both 3D and VFX) as well as creative project R&D recently and will be updating my 3DHit asap!  :)

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    Lisa Mae Evans

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As promised- an update!


I've been working on a potential showreel piece the past few days. I'm working from reference to create a digi-double groom. I've used a wonderful model Mark showed us in lectures! So far I have the basic movement and form blocked out (some minor tweaking to do towards the back of the hair). The shaved area hasn't been worked on as of yet. I'd love some feedback regarding the general shape of the hairstyle in comparison to the reference- getting the individual hairs to feel 'real' comes a little later. 


Shader is more of a placeholder thing for the moment however I'm happy with the graduation of colour (although the bleached tips could look a little brighter but I think this might be a lighting issue).


Will be posting a creature groom I've been working on in the next few days.


Please please don't hesitate to crit (nobody likes a bad hair day)!










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