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Paige Indy's 3rd Year Thread

- - - - - paige sharp thread

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Harley So Far #15: Motor Update!


Hello everyone!

Here I will be posting my showreel updates and other things I'm working on asides from my 3rd Year game, Tail of Inari (click the link to go to that thread!)


So after a whole year of a bad Maya update two years ago (curse you maya 2016), my beloved Harley Davidson Project was so corrupted by every means... I've managed to recover what I could and work on it for a showreel piece in Maya 2018! Hallelujah! 

(If anyone else experienced their entire scenes stretching could they let me know so I know I wasn't the only one who experienced it!)


But all is good now! I have since remodelled the following, from scratch then added to the mains cene:

* The Motors - they were just horrible corrugated cubes before. Each part is separate now1 

*The brake discs - 1st year's car brief really helped me remember how to make brake discs!

*Added spindles because it looks hella cool.













Obviously feedback welcome at any time!

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Harley So Far #16: Spokes Seats and Pazam! 



Hi all! So today I worked on learning quick techniques to get the entire wheel finished, including using Duplicate Special loads to achieve most of the work! I've remodeled the wheel from scratch, including the Spokes, The Brake Disc and the Tyre. I've also remodeled the seat from scratch too, to avoid harsh edges like the first build of it.


So here's today's progress shots, with the step-by-step method of how I made the tyre patterns.


Note: I had to remodel the first tyre in response to Neil's feedback saying to "avoid a tractor-tyre look for a motorbike!" Thanks Neil! 




Modeling a row of the pattern from a reference photo (not shown.). I also copied the pattern above the original to match up the vertexes at the bottom so when I Duplicate Special, they would fit seamlessly.



Duplicating special by around 29; then Merging vertices to they all lined up perfectly. I then UV'd the strip while it was flat to avoid complications when it was bent.



Using a Bend deform of 180 degrees (around 130 in photo to show it being bent), then merged the vertices manually at the end joining seam.




After extruding the holes either side, I sized it to the bike's measurements; but as Neil said, It looks to tractory.


But it still made some awesome Arnold screenshots though!



So after about 3 versions of the tractor tyre (one with double faces, one without UVing and then the final one you see above)  I decided to make a more motorbike-tyre from a different reference.



This pattern was less painstaking as the tractor tyre as I could have straight edges to merge vertices much easier and quicker.



Extruding the border edges and using a lattice along the front of the pattern to give it a more rounded finish.



Using the bend deform, and simply merging the seam vertices, I was able to have another wheel finished. I also UV'd this as a flat pattern too.



And here is the wheel in a very low-resolution screenshot in the arnold renderview. Notice the new seat too!




I also made a low-poly version of the motorbike wheel and baked down the high poly on top of it in substance painter. I tried the tyre and dirty tyre materials on it for testing.


Feedback welcome as always. I might even try a different tyre design in the morning as I'm not happy with the holes in this one, and my edge loops suck so much!

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Getting there, bake it down - go go go :) 

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Getting there, bake it down - go go go :)

Even if my edge loops for the second one were really terrible for the first one haha :) ? Do you think I should experiment with another pattern on go straight into remodeling another part? 



    Level 6 Games Art

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Harley So Far #17: Showreel Submission 1 and Feedback


Here is my first submission for my showreel ft my Harley Davidson so far:








Sort out textures, make it like a character portfolio with some stills. He can't wait for the textures to be baked down; but definitely bring up the polys on the wheels so it doesn't look edgy



Again bring polys up on wheels. I did explain it was for a film as opposed to game; where I'd started it just after 1st year before switching to Games.


Also Feat. Lee for 1 day Only!:

King of Marmoset helped me with lighting and shadows for my scene. Told me with my lights, turn on contact refinement to join and fill shadows where I've got overlapping meshes; and when I have put all of the textures on the bike; turn on Global Illumination which will soften sharp shadows; and catches light better.


Here's some stills from the showreel so far, will be updating a lot:







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