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Fiona Kat's Creature Sketchbook

- - - - - Game art creature creature art concept art zbrush

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So I'm an Alumni now. Graduated with a 2:1 and after resurrecting myself over the summer it's back to work!

My lovely website you should totally check out is here:


I created "Effigy" with Ben Pratt and Zakia Abd for third year


My current best works include:

A concept piece for Reece's "Exit Stage Right" 




Fluffy raptor is fluffy.



A background for my pc!



An Effigy screengrab



Feathered Raptor




So right now I just completed an art test for a company, they wanted:

"Test B

Please create an art piece from concept to execution (2d to 3d).

  • The asset should be created within 24 working hours from receiving this brief (3 man days).
  • We would like to see your creation process; the transition from concept to model
  • Subject matter can be your choice stylized or realistic.
  • 2d is an essential part of this test, try to show off your strengths in this area.
  • The 3d asset can be a hi-res sculpt or detailed grey box. A texture pass isn’t required
  • Please provide a simple research contact sheet with a few basic notes, highlighting what will be realised in 3d.       
  • Please describe the processes you have used and the length of time it has taken to create the asset (how you have divided your time)."


I figured I'd do a kelpie! So not including all the other concept pieces and process shots, what I came out with after 24 hours. I did have around 10 other concepts as well, but this one was my rendered bust




Now to slither back to the darkness <3 ilu guys

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    Creature Artist

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  • Work Thread


Inktober 1.


A whiskered tree swift! They're adorable



I'll actually scan these in at some point but for now ya'll can deal with blurry phone photos lmao.


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    Creature Artist

  • 426 posts
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  • Location:Cheshire

  • Work Thread



What do you mean I'm a day behind, aahhhaaaaaaa


Interview tomorrow, internally screaming lmao

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